• AddressLast updated on 26-11-2021 17:54


Take a look at https://projectcarouselusb.online


This is a bug fix only version last updated on 14-11-2021 – 20:07

Just added PCU Game Manager 1.11.0
PCUAE Standalone version has now been discontinued,
Only All in One version is only downloadable now, PCUAE Standalone is included.

I be changing the way the All in One installs PCUAE and PCUGM.

You can now pick what you want to install PCUAE Standalone or PCUGM App, just press install button when you ready to install
one of them and there setups will decompressed to a temp folder on C: Drive then they will come up on the desktop on your PC.
If you want to only install PCUAE Setup then you can now close PCUGM Setup now so you can do it the other way round as well too.


Fixed the Carousel Gamelist Loader that was booting up twice so I got it to kill itself first before
booting itself… 🙂 working normally now 🙂

I have now rebuild PCUAE 1.7.2 cause of some users having problems running it on they USB Stick,
if they are still having problems with PCUAE 1.7.2 then it might be there USB Stick,
this is a copy of my version I have on my sd card and works fine.

I have added to PCUAE 1.7.2 to the PCUAE Option Menu, on page 2, a Menu option,
a Toggle to turn off/on THEC64 Shortcut Buttons on the joystick…. 🙂

I have removed the Language files from PCUAE Standalone and All In One so it only has English in it now,
I made a Languages Pack for PCUAE 1.7.2.
I added it as a pack so the user can make there own language with it and be able to see all the files that needs changing.

Downloads below…