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More bug fixes…. This one should work fine.

Autoboot Mode Start-Up Script has been updated so please remove it from the firmware and reinstall it, to do this use the Autoboot Mode option in PCUAE Options Menu.

This should work been installed over the top of other PCUAE versions but it recommended to do a clean install to remove old flag files that are now not needed anymore, just remove PCUAE files only and keep the games folder, if you have exported them from PCUAE Manager, If you have installed the modes you can keep them too, but not PCUAE_Mode,, thats included with this setup, you will need to delete that folder, then it will get updated properly, the mode folders are… AMIGA_Mode, ATARI_Mode, Linux_Mode, RA_Mode and VICE_Mode, they are in the Options folder and then delete everything else in the Option folder.

Once that’s done you can install this version of PCUAE to the USB stick/SD Card and still have your Games and Mode still.



Alot of bug fixing and fixing the Black Screen Bug that was made by USB Mode and >/dev/ttySO comments in the scripts.

Gadget Mode’s Auto USB Mode has been now moved to TheCarousel so will load up when enabled and only on THEC64 Maxi/THEVIC20(Amora, Ares or Snowbird) carousels, I moved it so it does not interfere with PCUAE loading up,.
It will not work with THEC64 Mini, its a shame, I would like to get it to work with it but its not possible right now… :(.

To enable USB Mode you enable it in PCUAE Options Menu or Mode Changer under Gadget Mode/USBM(USB Mode running in the background).



In Atari Mode when you pressed CTRL+F5 it was loading the Carousel Changer instead or the Mode Changer, fixed.



Problem with it not booting the Carousel, should now be fixed.
On THEC64 Mini it will switch to the VIC20 carousel if it see you have changed the gamelist with the Carousel Gamelist Loader to one of the VIC20 gamelists, VIC20 0 to G, VIC20 H to R or VIC20 S to Z.



Added VIC20 Mode to THEC64 Mini, you can enable it, in the Carousel Changer, you enable it cause at the moment the C64 Emulator and USB does not work properly on the carousel for some reason but it plays VIC20 games fine.

When you use the Carousel Gamelist Loader and the VIC20 games from PCUAE Manager it will automatically switch to VIC20 Mode when you select the VIC 20 Carousel Gamelists.



Updated The Mode Changer,

The Mode charger can be loaded from start up before the splash screens now, you need to enable it in the menu for it to show, this makes it easier and quicker to change modes, it works from restarting the machine but once you load the Mode Changer Menu, it will disable it on the next restart its so it can restart then start-up into a mode, once the mode has loaded then if you restart by CTRL+RESTORE then the Mode Changer will show on start-up again, the Mode Changer Menu disables it when you load it so it can load a mode without it showing it again and again, or everytime it restarts from the Mode Changer to load a mode.

It can now show you what Mode is installed before it loads the Mode Changer Menu, so you know what modes are missing and then can add them with PCUAE Manager, no need to look in the Options folder on the USB Stick to see what modes are installed now.



TheCarousel 1.6.1 has now been added to PCUAE, they have only been added not hacked to show 255 games yet, wanted them added and make sure they worked first.
You can load the carousel by using the Carousel Changer Menu CTRL+F3.

You should be able to use a USB Mouse as well with C64 Mode too as its part of it.



Some releases have being reversed and removed.

Gadget Mode has been updated, you can now run USB Mode in the background so you can accsess the USB Stick even if your playing a game on the carousel, if you have a USB A to A Cable(you need to plug one end into your machines USB Port on the back of THEC64/THEVIC20 and the other end in a USB Port on the PC) you will see your USB Stick on the PC pop up on the screen in the file browser so like you’re plugged it into a USB Port on your PC, it will pop up as a USB drive in Windows/Linux from when you start up the machine, you can enable it in the Gadget Mode option in PCUAE Option Menu or Mode Changer Menu, under option USBM/NM, It will only work in PCUAE Mode only and on THEC64/THEVIC20, it does not work on THEC64 Mini.

You can transfer games by exporting them from PCUAE Manager to the USB Sticks Drive on the PC that pops up on the screen, after you have exported games to USB://Carousel_Games/Games then ejected the USB drive and then restart your machine by pressing CTRL+RESTORE.

I have now updated the gamecontollerdb.txt file in USB://Carousel_Games/Options/Controllers to the latest one from 1.6.1 so added THEGamepad, you can not add THE Mouse cause thats part of TheCarousel v1.6.1 c64emu.rgl file, it not in the gamecontollerdb.txt file cause its not a controller/joystick but in the VICE emulator, the VICE emulator detects if a USB Mouse is plugged in to one of the USB ports then added it to the right C64 game port, port 1 or 2 in the c64 emulator.



PCUAE Updated again.
Modes Updated



Tried to make PCUAE Mode load up faster.



Changed the way it booted PCUAE Mode so it dose not need VICE Mode, it was using its folder.

Modes Updated.



Just a small change.



PCUAE loads abit faster and Mode Changer Menu is running the modes quicker.



New Splash Screen and Carousel Info Game Slots, they are the game slots that tell you what Carousel Gamelist Screen your on.

Amiga Mode was not working and had the wrong files, its now been updated with the new ones.

Modes(Mod files) have been added:
Theses are the Mode Packs that you can install to the PCUAE USB Stick or on its SD Card, they are abit like Hmods(Hakchi modules) in Hakchi, they allow you to do other things on the machines that you can not do originally, they are mod files that I called Modes, like play Atari or Amiga Games via Atari and Amiga Modes, run Retroarch and other Emulators via RA Mode, run other CBM machines via Vice Mode.

The name Mode comes from the Modes on the machines like Carousel Mode and Classic Mode .

PCUAE is a modular program. That means that the addition of another piece of software (a “module”) can increase its capabilities.

Modes included are:
PCUAE Mode – This includes Carousel and Classic Modes and is in PCUAE Main setup only.
Amiga Mode – You can run Workbench or a game launcher to run a Amiga game using WHDLoad.
Atari Mode – You can run the Atari 8Bit emulators like Atari 800,XL,XE.
Linux Mode – Run Linux Desktop on the machine, for backing up Firmware and running apps in Linux.
RA Mode – You can run Retroarch 1.7.0 or 1.9.6, most emulators work: – PicoDrive/Genesis Plus GX(Genesis/Mega Drive/Master System), Snes9x, MSX. Hatari, and others.
VICE Mode – You can run VICE Emulator and use the other 7 machines included with it like the C64, C128, Plus4 and VIC 20.

I made PCUAE like this so it makes it easier to install, one part at a time and you might not want to install all the modes.



Found errors in Atari, Vice Modes script where the Mode Changer Menu would not load up, its now fixed.



First release of PCUAE on Github