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You need the full version first cause it has Java Runtime included and PCU Game Manager don’t work without it.

This was designed to work with Project Carousel USB, which is now included.

(Updated 09 June 2021) PCU Game Manager version 1.8.0 is released.

PCU (Project Carousel USB) Game manager is an application for managing games and games information used by the carousel for TheC64, The Vic20 and TheC64 Mini. The main purpose is to make it as easy as possible to add games that can be used together with Project Carousel USB. It contains a scraper for fetching game information and cover/screenshot images from MobyGamesGamebase 64 or C64.com.

With this tool you can select the games you want to use and export them to a folder on your PC. You can then replace a folder in PCU to use these games instead of the original ones, e.g. D:\Carousel_Games\Games\VIC20.

Adding a game

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A new game entry can be added by the “Add new game” menu option. The game must have a title, at least one screenshot and a game file before it can be saved in the database.

The easiest way to get all game information is to use the scraper. Select from which site you want to scrape information from. Read more about the scraper here.

Description field and languages

The fields for the different information is limited in the carousel. The description field manage to show around 510 characters. The game tool warns if the limit is exceeded, but it will not cut the text at this size automatically. You can then manually edit the description to fit nicely in the carousel.

The description of the games can be in different languages. You can add language specific descriptions on each tab in the UI. When you export a game the generated tsg file will always have all supported languages. If no text has been added in the game manager for a specific language the english text is used so that a description always is available. There is an automatic translation function available to generate translations for the description fields.


You can add screenshots by selecting them in the scraper, drag and drop from a file explorer to the screenshot fields or by selecting in a file selector by triggering the “…” button under the screenshot field. When the screenshot is added the size will be shown under it. Once the game is saved the screenshot will be resized to 320×200 size, since this is a requirement for the carousel.

Crop a screenshot

You can choose to crop the image by clicking on the yellow warning icon if the size of the screenshot is bigger than 320×200. You can automatically crop it by cutting out a 320×200 rectangle in the center of the image or manually crop by moving the rectangle around. For C64, when taking a screenshot in Vice it will be 384×271 pixels. 320×200 is the size within the border of the screen. Cropping it will produce the best image.

Vic-20 screenshots are usually larger, and cropping it to 320×200 might cut a lot of the screen from it. The game tool will try to first crop it to a larger size with the same aspect ratio as 320×200. If the vic-20 screenshot looks ok when added in the tool it’s better to not crop it any further.

Adding a game file

You can add t64, d64, tap, crt, G64, prg and VSF files (or zipped versions of them). The preferred format is a Vice snapshot (VSF) where the game has been loaded to reduce loading time as much as possible. Most of the games in the database uses VSF files.

Running VICE without a game file

You can launch VICE with the “VICE” button to start the emulator without any game loaded. It will be started with the settings defined in the System settings section. In this way you can control which emulator to run (C64 or Vic-20) in PAL or NTSC mode etc. In the emulator you can load a game and create a Vice snapshot (VSF) which then can be added to the game field.

As an option you can add a game file to the game field, then run it in Vice with the “Run Game” button and create a VSF file. Then you add the VSF in the game field before saving the game entry.

The View tag field

The field named “View tag” can be used when creating custom gamelist views to group games toghether that is hard to match on other fields. See Gamelist Views for more information.

You need the Full Version first for it to work in Linux.
You can use it in Linux(Ubuntu/Linux Mint): You should be able to now install PCU-AIO in Wine.

PCU Game Manager is available Full Download in Project Carousel USB – All In One(pcuae-1.5.1-all-in-one-setup), you can download the Full Version from the download section under PCUAE 1.4.3 FILES or PCUAE 1.5.1 FILES.

Update using this 
link if you have download the full version already and copy PcuGameManager.exe and replace it in your “C:\Games\Project Carousel USB – AIO\ PCU – Game Manager folder” installation folder or use the Help tab to update PCUGM.

Full version includes Project Carousel USB and all the games are in PCUGM thats in PCUv1.3.2 and is customised for each Carousel Gamelist screen, includes all 6 screens plus Favourites Screen, PCU that included only has Favourites Screen included, all other gamelists are in PCU Game Manager, the gamelist folders are there but theirs no games inside them, you have to export them from PCUGM to PCU if you want them or install the PCU Standalone version, it has the gamelists included.

You will only need to download the full version once then use the update ink to update it but if you do need to install it again, you can now safely cause its not registered by Windows so it not in Add-remove, you can install it now over the top of it and when it installs it, install to C:\Games folder now.

How to install PCU AIO

, Right click on file and click on Run as administrator, otherwise to will fall to install and will not be able to make the desktop shortcut .ink file for PCU Game Manager.

It has two installers in it, one for PCU Game Manager and another one for Project Carousel USB to install it to your USB Stick, both will install one after another, just follow the install instructions and you can not go wrong.

Run “setup.exe” to install PCU Game Manager, you don’t have to install PCU, you can cancel it after you have install PCUGM if you just want to install PCUGM only.

It will install PCUGM, in “PCU – Game Manager” folder and a back up of PCU in “PCU – Backup” folder in “C:\Games\Project Carousel USB – AIO” first,
(PCU – Backup folder has been removed now in PCUAE 1.5.1 AIO Setup)
(You can change its location if you want, If you want it installed somewhere else, it dose not need to be on your C:\ drive, DO NOT install it in Program Files, you will start to have problems with Admin rights) then it will start a install for PCUAE to be extracted on to your USB Stick, you can cancel this if you have PCU Standalone already on your USB Stick or if you just want to install PCUGM.

It now has a desktop shortcut.lnk file that connected to “PcuGameManager.exe” thats in “PCU – Game Manager” folder that it adds to your desktop,its called “PCU Game Manager”.

If you extract the files with Winrar or 7zip this will not be added, it only works in the install setup SFX, because its a Self Extracting Archive, you can open it up with Winrar and 7zip.

PCUAE will install only on a USB Stick 2GB or greater.

Please have a try!

If you find any bugs please report an issue for it here: Github issues or in this thread.
For ideas and discussions you can post in this forum or here: Github discussions
For Project Carousel USB bug reports or discussions post it in its thread here: PCU Thread

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